Stilll thinking about a Segway tour or a walking tour ?

Stilll thinking about a Segway tour or a walking tour ? We will tell you why to go on Segway is the best way to explore Paris. It’s a fun way to see the city, cover more ground in less time, and avoid sore feet. For best experience we created a lot of Segway routes. You can choose a tour among many options : 45 minutes, one hour, two hours or three hours. For your comfort, a lot of breaks were planned during the tour.

Of course you ask how to manage Segway ? It moves with your body. You use your weight and body to navigate it. For any novice Segway drivers, we provide an orientation session before a tour. Where we will teach you how to ride Segway. We must be sure that you are able to drive Segway before you can go out on the streets. Our top priority is ensuring clients safety at all times.

Our tour guide will lead you throughout the route. She/he will tell you a great story during a tour and share his/her personal observations.

Here are the following strong points why a Segway tour takes the ordinary out of your tour:

– Covers a lot more ground than your usual walking tours ;

– Saves time ;

– Smaller groups mean higher tour quality ;

– Tourists avoid sore feet ;

– Environment-friendly and quiet ;

– It’s a memorable experience.

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