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I have a flyer with a promo code. How can I use it and for what?
You have the opportunity to get a certain discount on an interested tour. To do this, you need to enter a promo code in the main menu "Reservations" when booking a tour.
I never got on Segway. Is it easy to manage it?

Absolutely easy! Each participant, before the beginning of Segway tour, to receive personal training, to manage Segway. We will begin the tour only if its management becomes intuitive and natural for you.

Are the Segway tour held in rainy and cold weather?

There are no restrictions in using Segway, in cool or rainy weather. And for your comfort, we provide, for free, waterproof raincoats, gloves.

Can pregnant women take part in the tour?

The safety of your future baby is our priority. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you refrain from participating in tours of this kind.

How can I pay for the selected tour?

You can pay for the chosen tour in our office. We accept all payment methods: cash, credit card, check.

Is there a need to book a tour?
In order to avoid misunderstandings, we recommend booking an interested tour, time and language.
What languages are conducted tours?
The tours are available in English and French. You only need to specify the language of the tour in the main menu "BOOKING".
Question: Are there any restrictions on the weight of the Segway tour?
The weight of the Segway tour participant must be between 45 and 120 kg. Deviations in the smaller or larger side make the control of Segway impossible. Please understand the limitations.
What is the admissible age of the Segway tour member?
The driver must be at least 12 years old.
Can I cancel or reschedule a reserved tour?

We appreciate your time and make every effort to ensure that the reserved tour was carried out within a specified time, in the required format. We would be very grateful if you warn us 24 hours in advance before the start of the reserved tour of its cancellation or postponement. The options for communication are listed above the main menu.

Didn’t find the answer for your question?
Be free to contact us by mail: We will answer you asap.
GetYourGuide | Paris: Private 1.5-Hour Sightseeing Segway Tour

Paris: Private 1.5-Hour Sightseeing Segway Tour