Enjoy your Segway tour in this amazing city with our experience and guidance.

Enjoy your Segway tour in this amazing city with our experience and guidance.
Almost everybody who wants to ride Segway first time wonder whether it will be possible to preserve their balance. Actually balancing a Segway is far easier than learning how to balance a bicycle. Once you get the hang of it, you will enjoy their smooth and eco friendly operation. Take note of the following tips and you will soon master your Segway across the streets of Paris!

Keep calm

-Segway is designed to imitate your body’s position and movement. So, if you want it to be still, just keep calm, place your feet firmly on the platform and use both hands to hold the handle. Balance your body as if you are standing on the floor without setting the vehicle in motion.

Move with your body

-Lean slightly forward and it will start moving forward. Then shift your body weight backwards and it will stop. With a bit of practice, you will soon master its basic movements. Leen the handle with your hands in any side and it will turn in this direction.

Be careful

-While riding keep your Segway on clear ways and try to avoid rough grounds and physical obstacles.

Our guide will explain to you in simple terms how fast it is, how fast you should go and how to move around the city.
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