November: sights of Paris on Segway & a bottle of Beaujolais Nouveau

In November we have a unique offer for all our guests: a Segway tour that will permit you to see all the picturesque sights of Paris & a bottle of “Beaujolais Nouveau” wine offered in addition. We didn’t choose this wine without a reason. Starting from the third Thursday of the month, the whole country celebrates the day of new beaujolais, it’s the day when this wine title appears in restaurant menus and in wine boutiques. In its hometown, Beaujeu, the first bottle is traditionally opened at midnight. Just one week before the celebration many restaurants and boutiques put everywhere the sign “Le Beaujolais Nouveau est arrivé!”.
The wine is fabricated in Bourgogne. The technique of its fabrication was invented by Michel Flanzy in 1930. It has a unique fresh taste, mixed fruity & flowery flavor and a very intense red color.
«Beaujolais Nouveau» is never sold aged. Aging doesn’t make the taste of this wine better, therefore it has to be consumed before the Christmas. The «Beaujolais Nouveau» has to be consumed cold, it matches perfectly with cheeses or meat.

If you read this last part of the text it means that you already know something about this drink, the only thing left is ty try it yourself…

GetYourGuide | Paris: Private 1.5-Hour Sightseeing Segway Tour

Paris: Private 1.5-Hour Sightseeing Segway Tour